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Photography during the coronavirus pandemic

How do you get your business going again after the coronavirus pandemic? What is the state of photography during the coronavirus pandemic? Like many other businesses, photography businesses were hit hard during Covid-19. Because of public health orders, we had to cancel sessions and indefinitely ... VIEW POST

20 creative marketing ideas

As photographers, marketing is a huge piece of what we do in business. We’re always looking at new and creative ways to get photography clients. From my experience, if you can set up a system that works and has shown to bring in new clients, capitalize on those efforts. Ensure you double and triple ... VIEW POST

How to build confidence

As a photographer and business owner, having confidence to do what your work demands is an important tool to build. Some people believe that confidence is something you either have or don't have. The truth is that it's a skill, and skills can be learned and mastered. There are a number of ways for ... VIEW POST

Managing fears as a business owner

Do you have fears of failing as a photographer? Our fears can paralyze us and take over our dreams in business and life. Managing your fears as a business owner is an important part of the business puzzle. By this, I mean a successful business owner has a plan in place for when fears creep up. How ... VIEW POST

Upgrade your photography website

If you’re reading this, hopefully you're already an IPS photographer or transitioning to be one. IPS stands for In Person Sales. This means that you offer your clients a full service photography experience. You are not just handing over digitals for pennies. You are actually investing in the ... VIEW POST

How to find photography clients

One of the questions I’m constantly asked by photographers is HOW AND WHERE do I find clients? There are several parts to the answer. Before you can figure out where to find clients, you have to determine what your brand is all about and WHO your clients are. Your clients aren’t everybody. Have ... VIEW POST