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Making More Money in Photography With Products

Professional photography is a massively popular and rewarding field. But it can take time to get your footing, especially when making a consistent profit. Statistics show 68% of photographers in the US are self-employed, meaning that the majority of photographers are running their own businesses. ... VIEW POST

Photography Business 101: Why You Need an Email List

  As a photographer, you're likely focused on Instagram marketing or other social media platforms to grow your business. After all, a photographer should market on photo-based platforms – right? So why do you need an email list? Instagram is an excellent place to display your work and ... VIEW POST

How to hit 100k income as a photographer

Do you want to make $100 000 as a photographer? Are you wanting to be successful in your business and thinking about dreams of hitting six figure annual revenue? It is not at all out of the realm of possibilities, and a LOT of photographers are doing it every single day. Here are our top tips for ... VIEW POST

Photography during the coronavirus pandemic

How do you get your business going again after the coronavirus pandemic? What is the state of photography during the coronavirus pandemic? Like many other businesses, photography businesses were hit hard during Covid-19. Because of public health orders, we had to cancel sessions and indefinitely ... VIEW POST

20 creative marketing ideas

As photographers, marketing is a huge piece of what we do in business. We’re always looking at new and creative ways to get photography clients. From my experience, if you can set up a system that works and has shown to bring in new clients, capitalize on those efforts. Ensure you double and triple ... VIEW POST

How to build confidence

As a photographer and business owner, having confidence to do what your work demands is an important tool to build. Some people believe that confidence is something you either have or don't have. The truth is that it's a skill, and skills can be learned and mastered. There are a number of ways for ... VIEW POST