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Hey, I'm Leili

You probably had no idea just to what extent you needed to be a businessperson when you launched your photography dreams. Being the CEO, head of marketing, sales, client relations AND keeping yourself inspired and creative, never mind the shooting and editing – well that’s a lot to take on. How are you supposed to do all.the.things while continuing to grow your business?

My name is Leili and I’ve got you covered.

I have been a photographer for 10 years (families and weddings are my thing), and a mentor to photographers starting their businesses. I also have a Masters degree in Psychology. I am passionate about supporting other artists in creating growth in their business and life. I love incorporating my knowledge around mindset and personal growth as the foundation for the courses and resources I create. I believe they are absolute MUSTS in creating sustainable, profitable and fulfilling businesses.

Welcome to Mint Studio and I look forward to connecting!

Mint Studio is about...


1. Dreaming Big + Taking Action.

Your dreams are 100% worth it. You are in the right place if you are committed to doing what it takes to achieve those dreams.

2. Making Profit.

Let’s start first and foremost by treating your business as what it is intended to do – generate revenue.

3. Creative + Personal Growth.

Running a photography business is a soul-filling adventure that forces us out of our comfort zones all over the place! Let’s challenge ourselves to keep growing.