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Making More Money in Photography With Products

Professional photography is a massively popular and rewarding field. But it can take time to get your footing, especially when making a consistent profit. Statistics show 68% of photographers in the US are self-employed, meaning that the majority of photographers are running their own businesses. This leaves a wide range of opportunities for creative entrepreneurs, particularly when it comes to increasing revenue streams. Making more money in photography with products is an easy and important way to create a sustainable business.

So, when business is stale, and no one is booking you for shoots, how else can you make money in photography? The answer is through products. In this post, we’ll discuss how photographers can generate additional income by incorporating products into their business model.

Family canvas print

Why sell products of your photography?

Think about the last time you went to a concert. More likely than not, the artist was selling merchandise like t-shirts, posters, and CDs. They were able to take their art and turn it into a product that fans could buy and enjoy. As a photographer, you can do the same thing.

There are numerous reasons to start selling products made from your images. For starters, it’s a great way to monetize your passion and make money from something you love doing. It can also be a great form of passive income, meaning you make money while you sleep!

You’ve heard that common phrase about wealthy people having multiple streams of income? You can be a smart business owner and apply this logic to your photography. Giving people multiple ways to pay you is smart business. By only giving away digitals, you are leaving a lot of money on the table!

What’s more, by selling products, you are building a brand around your work. This can help attract new clients who may want to book you for shoots or hire you for other projects. And as your brand grows, so does the potential to make even more money from product sales.

What products can I turn my photography into?

Photography is appreciated in so many forms, which is why there are plenty of products you can make to sell. Below are some popular ideas:

  1. Prints: This is the most common product photographers sell. Prints can be sold in various ways, such as framed, on canvas, or as greeting cards.
  2. Canvases: Aside from prints, this is the next most popular request by photography clients. Clients want a beautiful way to showcase their family photos.
  3. Calendars: Who doesn’t love flipping through a beautifully designed calendar featuring stunning images? It is a great gift idea and perfect for those who appreciate art and photography.
  4. Mugs: Personalized mugs are another great way to show off your photos and make a little extra cash. You can sell them online or at local craft fairs and markets.
  5. Albums: Do you specialize in wedding photography? If so, consider selling custom-made albums to your clients. This is a luxurious product that will surely be appreciated. 
  6. Shirts: With the help of a graphic designer and a printing company, you can turn your photos into custom t-shirts, tank tops, or other garments. It’s a fun way to show off your work and make some extra money.
  7. Tote bags: Have a great photo of a nature scene or cityscape? Turn it into a tote bag! People love using totes as grocery bags, beach bags, and carry-alls.
  8. Stock photos: If you’re not interested in selling physical products, another option is to sell digital files of your photos online. This is known as “stock photography” and is a great way to make money without overhead costs.


How Products Can Help Your Photography Business

Many photographers offer products as an upsell to their clients. This means that after a client books a shoot with you, you offer them the option to purchase products such as prints, albums, or digital files.

Offering products is a great way to make additional income from each shoot, and it’s also a way to differentiate yourself from other photographers in your area. You can be seen as that full service photographer who goes above and beyond. 

Where to Start with Products

If you’re unsure what kind of products to offer, start by surveying your clients and asking them what they would be interested in purchasing. You can also look at other photographers’ websites to see what kinds of products they offer.

Once you know what sells well, invest in quality products that will wow your clients and help you make more money. This is key. Use professional grade labs that are not accessible to the public. The quality difference between pro and consumer grade labs is priceless. Clients wants to purchase something from you they can’t get themselves. 

When starting with products, it’s also important to select a few options. Too many options will be overwhelming for both you and your clients. By giving them a few high quality products to choose from, you are likely to make higher sales. And finally- sell what you love. Pick a product you find beautiful and go for it.

Final Thoughts

Making more money in photography doesn’t have to be complicated. By incorporating products into your business model, you can enjoy multiple income streams and make more money from each shoot.

With some creativity and research, you can find the perfect products to sell to your clients and take your business to the next level.

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